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Avon is one of the most recognised and successful brands in the UK, providing top-rated beauty products and personal care items to women and men across the UK. Avon stocks a wide selection of items across several product categories including makeup, skincare, perfume, toiletries, home, and fashion.

Avon has grown to become a trusted and respected brand and company over the many years it has been operating. Many women and men throughout the UK rely on Avon and their products to help them feel good about themselves.

Buying online is also an option for everyone which is why Avon has a dedicated sales system through the distribution of brochures and online sales Their brochures are a perfect solution to browsing online and can be sent directly to your front door.

Without dedicated sales representatives, Avon would not be the company they are today. Across the UK are women and men committed to providing their local neighborhoods with the best Avon products.

Be an Avon Sales Representative with Beauty Nationwide

Having your own business and earning your own money is something many people dream of. By joining an Avon, not only do you have the chance to earn your own money, but you can also work to your own schedule.

At Beauty Nationwide we are giving women and men across the UK the chance to create their own path by becoming an Avon sales representative.  https://prp.uk.avon.com/recruitmentmanager

If you live in the north west and are interested in becoming an Avon representative, sign up with us today! Signing up is easy, all you need to do is complete our contact.

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By becoming a  representative and distributing Avon brochures to friends and family, or you can establish a personal customer base door to door.

With your Avon online shop, ordering and reordering have never been easier.https://prp.uk.avon.com/recruitmentmanager
Whichever one (or all) you choose, being a  representative and having your own Avon business can be very exciting and rewarding.
Full Training is given.


There is no up-front payment for the products, so all you do is place your order with the company online, whenever you are ready, and when you receive the goods pass them out to your customers for payment. You then pay yourself first and pass the rest to the company. If you are selling online then all the handling of the product can be done by the company for you.

You will also have your very own Store where you can direct customers with a link to your products online. The goods sold from your own Store can be delivered direct, or if you prefer, you can deliver them to your customer yourself if they are local.


We are now a very successful network, marketing company, which means you can be handsomely rewarded for introducing other people into  your team.

We are looking for a complete cross-section of people from Students to Retired Folk, who have that little extra to make things work. Also for the more ambitious you will find an amazing opportunity with our network marketing system.