Avon skin so soft and its uses


Skin so soft was introduced by avon in 1962 as a bath oil.The range of skin so soft is Avon’s most popular product.The public have discovered it has several uses including bug repellant have a look at the list below for its other uses.


Helps   dry and itchy skin.

Cleans  ink, markers and some paint off of your skin.
Great for getting a tan. Caution: There is no SPF in AVON SKIN SO SOFT.
Soothes light sunburns.
Great for mechanics to use while washing their hands. It cuts grease along with moisturizing.
Heals cracked skin with in 2-3 days.
Put two capfuls in liquid soap and us it as a shaving cream. It will help prevent razor burn.
Pour two capfuls in your foot spa to moisturize your feet while you unwind.

Excellent for preventing stretch marks.
Dip cotton ball in AVON SKIN SO SOFT  Rub the cotton ball around window frame and doors to keep ants out.
Kills lice Safely! Fully wet hair with AVON SKIN SO SOFT Leave for 15 minutes!  You may want to wash your hair 2-3 times to remove the oily look.
Washing up liquid works great with one wash to get the oil out!
In many cases, AVON SKIN SO SOFT has helped to soothe psoriasis.
Keep spiders out by wiping all  framed doors and windows with AVON SKIN SO SOFT.

Removes limescale from shower SKIN SO SOFT

Cleans paint brushes and leaves them soft


Removes  marks from your favorite  leather shoes.




Spray AVON SKIN SO SOFT around and in WASTE BINS and on the lids to prevent maggots and  insects.
Add ONE cap full of AVON SKIN SO SOFT to GARDEN sprayers and spray lawn to prevent ants and other insects.


After   removing INSECTS nest, spray area with AVON SKIN SO SOFT to prevent them from re-nesting in the same area.
Cleans leather and keeps it soft.

Use small amount  of SKIN SO SOFT on a soft cloth to polish furniture.

 Use on running rails to make sliding  doors and windows to make them slide easier.

REMOVES grease and  dirt from range hoods and work surfaces.
Use as a fabric softener by adding one cap full to washing water
Use AVON SKIN SO SOFT to kill fleas.
Use to WASH hands after working with farm animals or eating food.

Use as a moisturizer for pets. Great for dogs.
Dilute AVON SKIN SO SOFT with Water and keep around the FARM BUILDINGS and pasture to keep flys and bugs away.
Removes lime and hard water deposits from bathroom fixtures and shower heads.
fur from clothing.
Use on brass ornaments to prevent them from turning black.

Relaxing bath soak: Add a few cap fulls to warm water for relaxing bath. Moisturizes skin.
Remove tar spots from you car.

Wipe down your cars interior and dash with AVON SKIN SO SOFT to prevent cracking.

rub small amounts of SKIN SO SOFT on horses’ ears to prevent bug bites and flies.

Before traveling rub AVON SKIN SO SOFT on headlights and grill. This will help to wash BUGS off later. Be sure to wipe any excess of prior to traveling.
Shine your TYRES using AVON SKIN SO SOFT.
Cleans oil and grease off of skin.
Cleans paint from hands.
Put a small amount of AVON SKIN SO SOFT on a cloth or  to use as an air freshener.

AVON SKIN SO SOFT can be used with Shampoo to condition hair and give it a natural looking shine.

You can use AVON SKIN SO SOFT to safely remove pine sap from skin, cars, outdoor furniture, ETC.
Use AVON SKIN SO SOFT to remove tar  from animals paws and pads.
Use a few drops of AVON SKIN SO SOFT in a full bucket of  water when mopping floors to prevent bugs and ants from getting into your home.

Use AVON SKIN SO SOFT to clean windows Spray AVON SKIN SO SOFT on screen doors and window screens to prevent small insects from getting through.
Use AVON Skin so soft as a fragrance while making candles.
Spray avon skin so soft on urine stains before washing to prevent smells.

Spray canvas lawn furniture with AVON SKIN SO SOFT to help prevent insects.
Use one cap full in  ponds to keep them from becoming hatching grounds. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE FISH IN YOUR POND.

Spray small metal or wood stakes down with AVON SKIN SO SOFT and put them through out the garden to keep
animals out.
Spray your  bushes with AVON SKIN SO SOFT to avoid animal invasions

Pour a few drops of AVON SKIN SO SOFT into your rubbish bin before placing outside to help prevent odors.
Rub AVON SKIN SO SOFT around the base of your toilets to help prevent smells.
Use AVON SKIN SO SOFT to polish  car trim and bring them back to their original

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